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Plant of the Moment

Fruit Trees

We are often asked for advice on choosing small trees for gardens, and yet customers don’t automatically think of fruit, trees that are productive as well as beautiful. With spring blossom and colourful, edible fruit, apples, plums, pears and cherries are all available grafted on rootstocks that mean they won’t outgrow even a small garden.

Top tips for choosing fruit are to think about what you want to eat. Late picking apples store for longer than the early cropping varieties. Find out whether your tree needs a pollinator: our staff are always happy to advise. Fruit trees generally need a sunny spot, though Morello cherries are fine in shade. Trained fruit trees make very attractive garden features, either against a wall or fence, or to divide different sections of the garden.

Fruit trees are available in the winter months as bare root plants. Planting before Christmas is ideal, as the soil is still warm, and their roots can start to establish immediately. The gift of a tree or trees make a very nice and long-lasting Christmas present.

Apple varieties are priced from £26.95
Several Plum’s available including Victoria plum £26.95 and Pears start at £27.95.
More unusual container grown fruit e.g. Medlar £37.50, Quince £37.50 and Black Mulberry £29.95 and trained fruit start at £52.50.

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